Montag, 14. März 2011

Eehlers-danlos syndrome & others Radiation Body disorder problems

Chemical /chemo damages in Human bodies , toxification & radiation damages are treatable to easy sythomes dramatically !

First and formost I want to wellcome you to this blog of hope for a new health and happines in yoru life!
...and tell you that our Body is and will be a masterpiece of creation !
No matter what you and in who you belive ... Creation ver made any mistakes.!

We all have an amazing effective Self- healing system which can be re- activated at anytime over and over again.

Of course it is maybe new to you who have suffered and never really find any help yet!
Please do not ever give up to believ in healing miracles your body can perform!

My 50 years of being prepared for this wonderful mission helping other to find back their health,learn to regain & maintain a happy health and successful lifestyle is a true blessing to me .

Are you ready to health your self NOW?

I am here to assist and offer Holistic online Therapies and consultations via Skype or phone internationally.
If you are ready to work with me on a new and may very different from what you have ever experienced Therapy Protocol... you can email me now to: and find out more about it!

Here are now some very important question first to find out if this is the right way to go for you !

Did you ever do a 7 weeks intensive parasite /fungus cleansing in one piece ?

Alter taking multiple different Anti-Biotics ( against life) did ever anyone help you to get ride of the multiple Mycosis investations (of now mutated funguses )in your system ( using the world most powerful fungus killing agents availabe) ?

Did you ever take for your condition a high dosage of original organic Japanese Chlorellas Algaes ( not packages in toxic aluminium pouches) ?

Did you ever detoxified & rejuvenated your organs with an 8 weeks ( 3 time a day) intake of fresh extracte Noni enzyme wonder purree ?(Non fermented)

Did you ever use a combination of Colloidal silver and zapper therapies in a 7 weeks blood cleansing program followed by a Chi~master lymthatic stimulance and the Magnetic Pulser therapy to clear resistanc parasites eggs out of your lymphatic knots?

Did you ever did a natural Brain detoxification/anti viral program with etheric oils and healing herbs ?

Did you ever made a "Green Power" Body alcaline & cleansing program with Moringa and other super greens to build up a strong immunity ?

Most important also to pay attention to the mind over matter fact!Are you ever being threated in a Emotional Released therapy which has identified your very personal child hood traumas ?
The cause of all your life issues are hidden in there...mostly happen already between 0-5 years of age already!

If you anwser is NO to most of these profound important questions......
you have an amazing chance to be able to step up and heal your self now properly for your bright future ahead !.

Learn with easy steps and proper guidance how to regain and maintain a better health now!

What you are waiting on?

If the conscious desicion is yours to invest 100 US in your valuable Health to learn how you can change your life around now....
or you are interested to try an amazing Bio Enegetic Therapy online to feel instandly differnt inside out after just one hour!

Book a skype consultation session please vie email: and find out more about it!

Or please call for information (876) 484-1165 or 796 5080
from the USA: FL 786 4635189

Find more information about my mission and work experiences online by simple google Sigrid Ribbe or read up on